Dear applicant,

It has been a joy getting to know you and to discuss partnering with you to make your home more safe and sound. We will use your written application, which is attached, to evaluate whether we are a good fit for each other. Through Greater Blessing family partnerships, Fuller aims to serve Utah County homeowners who are most in need of help, who want to partner alongside us with “sweat equity” as we repair their homes, and who are willing and able to “pay forward” any material costs of their repairs by way of a very small monthly payment they can afford.

If your project is approved, as much of the labor and materials as possible will be donated free of charge. The materials that cannot be obtained through donations will be purchased at the best prices available, using funds from a previous partnering family’s repayments. Later, your own repayments will be used for a fellow Utah County homeowner’s needed repair project. Fuller’s partnering families always say a hand-up is better than a hand-out, and the joyful experience of giving to a neighbor’s future home repair after receiving assistance with their own truly is a greater blessing.

We know this application can look a bit intimidating. But the great news is that gathering all this information may ultimately be of real help to you personally in organizing your finances, building a workable budget, and gaining financial peace and confidence. It will be worth the effort!

After reviewing your completed application, if Fuller gives it an initial approval, we will then submit it to Community Action Services of Utah County for final review. Community Action is partnering with Fuller to do this review because they are experts in personal finance planning and education. You may even choose to take advantage of one of their many free services—personal budget preparation with a friendly, helpful counselor or one of their many financial learning classes. Rest assured that all information you share with Fuller and Community Action will be held in the strictest confidence and never shared with any other organization or individual.

You’ll no doubt be pulling together a lot of paperwork as you fill out your Fuller application and calculate your monthly income and expenses. Be sure to keep all those records in a safe and organized place for your own future reference.

As soon as you have completely filled out your Fuller application, please send it to Fuller either by U.S. Mail to the address above (make a copy to keep, if possible) or email a copy to the email address above.

Fuller will be in touch with you as quickly as possible to keep you abreast of your application approval progress.

If you need help filling out your Fuller Greater Blessing application or simply have questions about it, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Fuller Center for Housing of Utah County

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Dear Applicant: We will use this completed application to determine your eligibility for a home repair known as a Fuller Greater Blessing project. If you are accepted, we at Fuller will do our very best to provide most if not all labor and services free of charge and to obtain the needed materials at the lowest prices possible. When your project is completed, you will have the greater blessing of giving back to another Utah County homeowner in need by “paying forward” the actual expenses of your project in very small monthly amounts that you can afford until that total is “repaid.” All funds you pay forward will be used to repair a neighbor’s home, just as a previous family’s “payments” were used for your home’s repair—a great blessing for all involved. Please fill out the application completely (leave blank any sections that do not apply to you). All information you have provided will be kept strictly confidential.
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