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Ken Huff’s House Project

By the spring of 2023, it seemed to Ken Huff that all of life’s doors were closed to him. It also seemed like there was no possible way to overcome the major problems plaguing his home which made it nearly unlivable. You see, 40 years prior in 1983, Ken was participating in a Civil War battle reenactment when a cannon misfired and took Ken’s hands, one eye, and one eardrum. Within a few years, Ken lost sight in his other eye too and became completely unable to work. As his situation worsened, his home fell into disrepair, and Ken had no means to make it safe and sound again. He had lost hope.

But the Fuller Center for Housing of Utah County, the area in which Ken lives, learned about his plight and jumped into action. With the Fuller Bicycle Adventure cross-country team due to pass through Utah in June, the Covenant Partner planned an intensive work day in which the big-hearted cyclists could serve alongside some local volunteers to repair the most critical parts of Ken’s house. With the guidance of a local contractor, ACW Construction, and with many substantial donations of supplies and cash, the hardworking team of bikers and local Fuller volunteers replaced Ken’s roof, filled a large dumpster and four dump trailer loads with overgrown brush and debris from Ken’s yard, and power-washed and painted portions of Ken’s house.

In the middle of the day, everyone took a short break from the hot sun to enjoy a welcome lunch provided by the Utah County Fuller Volunteer and Family Committees and several generous neighbors, including a local church who offered the use of their lovely outdoor pavilion. The lunch was an event in itself, with festive decorations, abundant delicious hot food, and ice-cold drinks. Enthusiastic testimonials from several past recipients of home repairs from the Fuller Center for Housing of Utah County were shared, and many warm hugs and words of encouragement were given to Ken, his veteran son Christian, and his daughter Mel. A puddle of joyful tears formed on the table in front of this grateful family. “There is still good in the world!” exclaimed Christian.

Late in the afternoon, when all the work at Ken’s place was complete, Christian raised the family’s American flag by the front porch. The house looked like a home again.

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