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Marlene Kaiser | Orem, UT

“I’m thrilled to death!” said Marlene Kaiser of the Fuller Center for Housing’s (FCH) most recent Greater Blessing project. Thanks to the expertise and generosity of local 3D construction design company Baxter BIM, combined with the FCH team, Marlene is enjoying a brand new deck and wheelchair ramp. 

At 88, Marlene is no stranger to paying it forward. She has volunteered or worked for nonprofit agencies her entire life: disabled veterans and the developmentally disabled, and she even served as secretary for Habitat for Humanity. She has provided a place to stay for people in homelessness and currently teaches English to a boy from China. Marlene has faced many health challenges, the death of a developmentally disabled daughter, and other family hardships, all with a smile and hope in the future. She gratefully watched the process of having her old, dangerous, and dilapidated wheelchair ramp removed, new cement footings poured, and a new, sparkling white deck and ramp built for her. “You’ve drastically improved my home,” she sighed with relief. “This project will not only help me stay insured; it will make my insurance cheaper!” Fuller provided the crowning touch with a donated patio table with four cushioned chairs so Marlene can now spend time with friends and family on her new deck.  “It’s so much more than I ever expected!” said Marlene with delight as she said goodbye to her Fuller friends.  

Another homeowner is now safe and sound at home in Utah County!

For more information about other projects and our mission at Fuller, please visit or follow us on Facebook at Fuller Center For Housing Utah County and on Instagram at fchutahcounty.

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