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Bill and Annie Holman | American Fork, UT

To know Bill and Annie Holman is to love them!  Long time residents of American Fork, they have been givers to the community throughout their lives.  Most recently, the Holmans volunteer with the Foster Grandparents Program at a local elementary school, endearing themselves to young children. 

Bill and Annie, anticipating declining health needs, have been saving money to install a wheelchair ramp on their home.  Following Bill’s last surgery it required several strong men to carry him up the stairs and into his home.  Fuller Center for Housing Utah County helped them make the goal, seemingly unfeasible at this point in time, a reality this year.

Through Just Serve – a volunteer coordinating organization supported by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints –  Fuller of Utah County connected with Baxter BIM (Building Information Modeling) in Orem, UT.  

Baxter BIM offered to survey the project and give a bid at no cost.  Todd Baxter, owner, arrived at the Holman’s home with his elementary aged daughter and son in tow.  As soon as they saw the Holmans, they ran to greet them with warm hugs. It turns out that Todd’s children attend the same elementary school where the Holmans volunteer.

Baxter BIM generously installed the wheelchair ramp with their able team, completing the bulk of the work in one day.  Follow up work days, with Fuller’s own Brian Zillich, Baxter BIM put the finishing touches on the project.  The company  donated not only their time and expertise; they donated some of the needed materials as well as gave more to the Fuller of Utah County!  The Holmans now have affordable terms to pay the remaining material costs over time with no interest. That money will be used to help provide safer, decent housing to another Utah County neighbor. All volunteers were lifted and inspired as they contributed to help a most deserving couple–grandparents to many children. If you or someone you know has modest home repair needs, please contact the Fuller Center for Housing of Utah County.  Our Mission is to Raise a Helping Hand to Utah County homeowners.

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