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Ski N See Corporate Work Day

The Fuller Center for Housing of Utah County was excited and blessed when Ski N See asked us to organize a corporate work day for them. Ski N See tries to volunteer for a local non-profit or charitable organization every year. Due to the pandemic, they were having difficulty getting something setup with the organizations they had worked with in the past. Fortunately, through a personal connection, Ski N See heard about us, and we were able to work-out the details of this event.

FCH Utah County chose two homes to work-on for this corporate event. Both homes needed significant improvements in their landscaping, yard, and other outdoor items.

On August 5th, 2020, FCH Utah County and Ski N See revitalized the yards and landscaping for two homeowners. It was a full-day of work for well over twenty volunteers, in the heat of the summer. We trimmed trees and bushes, mowed, weeded and repaired landscaping beds and a garden, fixed a shed and a mailbox, removed junk, among many other tasks. Between the two homes, we rented and filled three dumpsters with yard waste and junk. At the end of the day, we had helped two homeowners in need, not only revitalizing their yards, but lifting their spirits and giving them hope. As for the volunteers, they also left feeling blessed. Everyone finished the day with the fulfillment of having given their time and efforts for someone in need from their community.

“Thank you for providing an environment to give back to the community.  The feedback from our employees was 100% positive. Everyone spoke enthusiastically of their experience. Giving back to the community is paramount in building the type of culture that I want to instill with our employees at Ski N See.  The humility gained by all, while strengthening the bond of our team, is invaluable. "
Roy Ostendorf
Ski N See Owner
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