Raise A Helping Hand

Our hope is to empower our community, to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships, and in so doing, to model and share the love of Jesus Christ

“It is more blessed to give than receive.” – Jesus Christ

The Fuller Center for Housing of Utah County exists to lift up and encourage low-income homeowners by making needed repairs to their homes to make them safe and sound. In so doing, Fuller seeks to model and share the love of Christ.

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization providing two types of services to any Utah County homeowner who qualifies based on financial need, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, or faith: 

Greater Blessing Projects
Encouragement Projects

– Larger repairs costing up to $5,000.
– All labor is provided free of charge unless a specialist must be hired.
– Any materials that must be purchased will be obtained at the lowest price possible.
– The homeowners become full partners with Fuller, contributing “sweat equity” as they work on their home alongside the volunteers.
– When the project is complete, the homeowners slowly “pay forward” the cost of the project, all on burden-free terms the homeowners can afford, with zero interest.
– These “repayments” are then used to help another Utah County neighbor get the same hand-up.
– This gives partnering families the greater blessing of transforming from recipients of help into givers themselves.
– A written application and home visit are required.
– Contact Fuller to describe your project and income level to see if you qualify. (Click on “Contact Us” above.) OR complete and submit the online application. (Click on “Application” above).

Small, 1-day outdoor clean-up, yard work, or repair projects.
– Free to the homeowner.
– Require no written application.
– Call or email Fuller to describe your project and income level to see if you qualify. (Click on “Contact Us” above.)

While most of the work The Fuller Center for Housing does internationally consists of new home construction, the majority of The Fuller Center’s work in the United States is home repairs — specifically what is known as the Greater Blessing program.

Unlike new home…

“Thank you for providing an environment to give back to the community. The feedback from our employees was 100% positive. Everyone spoke enthusiastically of their experience. Giving back to the community is paramount in building the type of culture that I want to instill with our employees at Ski N See. The humility gained by all, while strengthening the bond of our team, is invaluable. “

Launi’s House – doTERRA Workday & Greater Blessing

Fuller Center Utah County spent two Fridays in July working with Launi’s family to help with an assortment of needs. Launi and her family were amazing. It is so good to see such family support for someone in need. The first weekend was the Encouragement Project piece and was our 4th corporate work day with… Read More »Launi’s House – doTERRA Workday & Greater Blessing